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Alolan Vulpix Plush

Looking for a new and exciting choice to take care of your search no more than the Vulpix plush cape! This one-size-fits-all style provides everything you need to keep your searching its best, plus, it's sure to keep you entertained.

Toy Japan

Alolan Vulpix Pikachu & Friends

By Ichiban Kuji


- 8 1/4 In. New

Pokemon Center Alolan Vulpix Poké

By Pokemon Center USA


Sound Bundle Cape Stuffed Go Doll Poke


By Nintendo/ Game Freak


Nintendo Center Pokemon Center Alolan Vulpix Cape Costume Pikachu Poke Plush
Soft Toy 2017 F/s (pty001)

Japan Pokemon Center Alolan Vulpix

By Pokemon Center


Pokemon Alolan Vulpix Build A Bear Workshop 35cm stuffed plush

Pokemon Alolan Vulpix Build A

By Build-A-Bear Workshop


Fluffy Alolan Vulpix New
Doll 1/1 Lillie's Snowy Alolan Vulpix H12in Kawaii Japan

Pokemon Center Plush Doll 1/1

By Pokémon Center


Pokemon Alolan Vulpix Plush

This plush 8 in, long from the pokemon center includes vulpix, a soft and cozy plush dog, and his the flower of the monster riddle. This soft and cozy plush is first-class for your nests and other Vulpix nests, the plush is 8 in. Long and extends an 8 in, diameter at the base. This 8, 5 inch diameter Vulpix plush toy is a peerless addition to your center. With its cute design and colorful design, this toy is sure to please! The alola-inspired Vulpix plush is hand-made from top quality materials and is complete with all the add-on features your Vulpix doll needs, this doll comes with an and is top-notch for spending time with her new friends. This alola Vulpix plush toy doll is filled with softness and heartache, with its widows' face and shredded clothes, the Vulpix is a character who carries her own story with her wherever she goes. She's been lost in the world for years, and but for the help of a friendly teddy bear, she might have simply died, but now she's finally free from her pain and can live her life the substitute she wants. The soft, warm toy is a peerless alternative to br her back to life.