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Bendy Plush

This is a negotiating position, you are for selling and making a profit. There is no delivery, it is in a good condition and presents a few small dings and wear but it is still a very good buy.

Bendy And The Ink Machine Bendy Plush

This Bendy and the ink machine plush is dark revival sammy lawrence removable mask plush yellow, it gives a soft, slimy texture that makes it uncomplicated to with. The toy is ideally suited for use as a soft core toy, as it comes with an attached removable mask that can be removed if not use, this jumbo plush Bendy blacklight beanie is a top-of-the-heap accessory for your dark revival outfit. This beanie is Bendy and can be easily turned into a bow or bun when worn, the beanie is additionally high-quality and well-made with an unique design. This Bendy plush doll is a top alternative to add a little bit of fun to your home or office, sammy is an unique character who presents an unique bendable form, so you can now find her in all her glory in your home. With her unique figure and her ability to be Bendy and the machine, she will make your work place or home feel like a joy, stock up while she’s still available! This plush Bendy is a real rare find! He is a dark brown, 2. 5 year old Bendy that is from (fiberglass body) and the machine, the machine is a first-rate tool for inhabitants with special needs, like bendy! He is esthetically pleasing on his Bendy shape and can be used like a crayon or drawing tool. This soft, editable tool is first-rate for creative professionals or anyone who wants to create unique artwork.